Expedition, 2014

40 slides, carousel projection, LED lamp.

The slides show details of the whitened walls in the basement. In detail, the wall texture, engraved with bumps and holes, rests of color, and smear traces, suggests the impression of a cartography of islands, snowd in mountains, sheets of ice or surfaces of planets. The bright, artificial ight from the LED lamp, lying on the ground in front of the projection, sends out hus rays into the slide projection, which on the other hand is melting with the wall’s texture.

AufDurchMitIn, 2014, 2014

Two single slide projections.

The two former fermentation basins in the basement of the Centre for Light Art, Unna, which used to be a brewery, have special walls: Flaked off plastering and tar stains create a drawing. By projecting single slide projections of the walls’ details on the wall on the opposite walls or into the other basin, the walls are being „opened“ by light, mix and melt with themselves.

There Is A Crack In Everything, 2014

Light box, 40x30 cm.

A photo of one of the basement’s columns prop turned upside down is blending with the details of one wall’s cracks, rayed from the inside.

Expedition, 2014

Three works for the columns basement , Lichtkunstzentrum Unna (D)

For the three site specific works in the basement of a former brewery, now Centre for Light Art, I used the traces I found on walls, on the ceiling, and in the two former fermentation basins, telling about the building`s history and former usage of the space.