“Shadows of The Future“: Site specific installation series, 2012-2014, ongoing.

In an almost anatomic process, with the aid of pincette and screwdriver, I opened and deconstructed broken video beamers into their components. The innards of these gutted digital devices, the remains of the digital – glass plates, plastic, lenses, wires etc. – find together again in new arrangements on the surface of analogue overhead projectors. As in a shadow play the light of the projectors creates images on the wall(s), made from the different elements and sometimes partly superposing on walls and ceiling. In “Shadows of the Future" one can find a theme and a topic that often returns in my work – the Collage. The different components of the screwed-apart video beamers make a new whole through the arrangements chosen by the artist. With the help of the projection light, the fundamental component of filmic illusion, narrative, poetic images out of their shadows finally raise. The artistic process of creating an illusion is readable through the overhead projector(s) positioned in the exhibition space like light sculptures. The technical enthusiasm and euphoria of the last century is, in this work(s), contrasted with a thoughtful and also poetic statement. The technics is permanently overtaking itself. At the same time, analogue and digital technics meet here in an experimental set-up, which creates a space of intense aesthetic experience through the process of dissolution and re-arrangement. 

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Shadows Of the Future (EPSON EMP 5100), 2013

Kunstmuseum Celle (D), Sammlung Robert Simon

Shadows Of The Future (Polaroid XGA 3601 / Eiki LC-5200), 2014
Vžigalica Gallery, Ljubljana (Slovenia)Shadows_Ljubljana.html
Shadows Of The Future (Mitsubishi HC900E), 2016
Trabanten, DüsseldorfShadows_Duesseldorf.html