Intervention at „Wechselraum“, Meinblau, Berlin 2015

Two overhead projectors, two security glass plates, performative action

Ulrike Mohr invited artists coming from the fields of performance, sound and drawing for a collaboration to transform and dissolve her site-specific (char)coal work at project space Meinblau. Her new work was the starting point and working material for each collaborating artist. The term "Wechselraum" comes from relay race (Staffellauf) and defines the zone in which one runner hands off the baton to the next runner. In reference to traditional (char)coal making, ongoing for many days, the exhibition is planned as a non-stop process.

Projekt "WECHSELRAUM" by Ulrike Mohr                    Link to the entire project:

Participating artists / works by: Isaac Chong, Florian Dombois, Franziska Furter, Alice Goudsmit, Ulrike Mohr, Moritz Nitsche, Katja Pudor, Silvia Ploner & Nicolas Perret, Max Sudhues, Iannis Xenakis

Projectspace Meinblau, Berlin, October 16 – 18 October, 2015

Intervention by Max Sudhues on 16. October 16th, 2015:

Each one security glass plate was placed on an overhead projector and coated with a hole mask. The two round light projections were placed and arranged in the exhibition space, communicating with the already existing works by the other participating artists, especially with the work by Ulrike Mohr, charcoal pieces hanging from the ceiling.

In a performative and gestural action I destroyed the two glass plates with a hammer, in front of the public. The spatial image and the dialogue with the other artworks changed immediately. Later, more interventions by other artists took place in this framework.